Submission for the 2021 National Poison Prevention Week contest are now closed.

To view all of this year's entries, visit our gallery here:

Who can enter?

The video contest is open to all 5th through 12th graders in the United States. Videos can be created by individuals or groups.

  • Groups must designate a lead producer/director to submit their video on the group's behalf.
  • The lead producer will receive contest communications for the group.
  • All participants must complete a Consent and Media Release Form. For those participants under the age of 18, this form must be completed by a parent or guardian.  

What is the goal of the video contest?

The goal of the contest is to educate the public about the dangers of poisons.

What are the technical requirements? 

Official entry form found below must be completed.

· Student(s) must name their video file with their name (or group name), grade level, and school/organization (ex: Joe_video_GR4_HopeSchool or Joe_video_GR4_GirlScoutTroop90622).

· Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes.

·  Acceptable video formats include: MP4, MOV, AV1, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, MPG, FLV, WMV, M4V.

What are the video content requirements?

· All videos must include and promote the Poison Help Hotline:  1-800-222-1222.

· All videos must include and promote the Poison Help logo which can be found here:

· Videos cannot contain copyrighted content unless permission is granted by the copyright owner.

· Winners will be selected in each of the two age groups:

  • Grades  5 - 8 
  • Grades 9 - 12

If your group consists of members in more than one age group, please submit in the group that corresponds with the oldest member of your group.

· Possible formats - rap/song, re-enactment/skit, public service announcement/commercial, etc.

· Videos should aim to illustrate that while medicines and household chemicals are packaged to protect people from accessing potentially harmful contents, we cannot depend on packaging alone to keep everyone safe. Some potential topics that you could focus on include:

  • Keep potentially dangerous products in the original packaging.
  • Store medicines and household products where children cannot see or reach them.  Locked cupboards are preferred. 
  • Read the label. Follow the directions on medicines and products.
  • Save the number in your phone.  If you think someone has been poisoned, call your poison center (or call poison control) right away – 1-800-222-1222.  
  • Almost anything can be poisonous if used in the wrong way, in the wrong amount, by the wrong person.
  • It could happen to you. Share a story of a dangerous encounter and how the Poison Help Hotline benefited those involved.  
  • Child resistant does not mean child proof.  

·  Entries should not include commercial/cartoon characters (ex: Disney Princesses or SpongeBob Square Pants), state or regional logos, symbols (Mr. Yuk), or trademark symbols. Company and product names (Clorox, Tylenol, Motrin) are also not allowed.

How will videos be judged? 

Videos will be judged by a panel of experts from the National Poison Prevention Week Council 

·  Videos will receive points for the following: 

  1. Inclusion of the Poison Help Hotline phone number.
  2. Inclusion of the Poison Help logo.
  3. Creativity.       
  4. Focus on preventing poisoning from household chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides, crafting supplies, personal care products, automotive products, and medicines (over-the-counter and prescription).
  5. Online voting.

Need some inspiration? 

Check out the winning videos from last year's contest by clicking HERE.

Or, go on a scavenger hunt to find poisons within your own home. Click HERE to download your guide. 

What is the entry deadline? 

The deadline to enter is 11:59 pm on February 21, 2021.  

What is the voting deadline? 

The voting closes 11:59 pm on February 28, 2021.  

How many videos will win?· 

One video will be selected as the overall Grand Prize Winner.

· One winner will be selected from each age category as a 1st Place Winner. Grade level categories include:

  • Grades 5 - 8
  • Grades 9 - 12 

One video that receives the most online votes will receive the People’s Choice Award.

·  All entries will be included in the contest video gallery where the public can view and vote for their favorite videos. One vote per email address per day. The gallery can be accessed here: 

· ALL entries will receive recognition.

What are the prizes?

· The Grand Prize Winner will receive $1,000 – ($500 to the student producer(s) and $500 to the sponsoring organization or school as indicated on the entry form. If the winning video is produced by a group of students, the group will share the cash prize. 

· Additionally, the Grand Prize winning student(s) will be invited to participate in a virtual award presentation during Poison Prevention Week—March 21-27, 2021.  

· The 1st place winners from each age group will each receive $100.  If the winning video is produced by a group of students, the group will share the cash prize. 

· The  People’s Choice Award winner will receive a $100 prize. If the winning video is produced by a group of students, the group will share the cash prize.  

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be selected by March 3, 2021 and notified shortly thereafter via email.

Do I need my parents’ permission?

The winning videos will be viewable on the National Poison Prevention Week contest website and Facebook page. For students entering the contest who are under the age of 18 years old, parental consent must be granted by completing the Consent and Media Release Form found at: By clicking the “I accept” box on the entry form, parents or legal guardians agree to allow the National Poison Prevention Week Council to use their child’s video publicly to promote National Poison Prevention Week. These images may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media. Additionally, no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable by reason of such use.  
If you have questions please call National Poison Prevention Week Council Chair (Dr. Dixon) at 419-534-4700 or email:  

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.